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Addiction is a struggle both physically and emotionally. It spreads into all aspects of an individual’s life until its effects are undeniable. If you are exhausted from battling addiction alone, perhaps it is time to trust the powers of God and allow him into your soul so that he may give you the strength to finally lift the burden of addiction. At Christian Drug Addiction Help Erie, PA, our staff of experienced rehabilitation specialists helps you rebuild your life, regain a sober lifestyle and embrace our lord and savior. When an individual trust’s in God and devotes themselves to him they will find renewed hope and healing.

Turning to alcohol as an escape is a common trend for many individuals who become addicted. You may have turned to substance abuse to try an escape the emotions of a lost job, divorce or family issues but perhaps those weren’t the only things that drew you towards abuse. Perhaps your issues were compounded by depression disorders, a difficult past or a chemical imbalance. These issue and underlying psychological issues are brought to the forefront by our Christian Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Programs. Are experienced staff are the best at conducting thorough clinical examinations used to evaluate an individuals complicated internal struggles and are able to use that information to properly treat them effectively. Using this information, previous medical history and an accurate evaluation of an individual’s current health, we are able to custom design a treatment program for your unique needs.

Each program at Christian Drug Addiction Help Erie, PA, allows recovering addicts to embrace god and relink with loved ones. Our Christian rehab counselors understand the individuality of every individual and therefore use faith based and dynamic methods to treat each patient uniquely. Offering an array of activities, substance free treatment and a faith centered outlook our patients are able to rid themselves of old habits and embrace a Christian life.

What should I expect from Christian Drug Addiction Help?

At Christian Drug Addiction Help our faith centered treatment programs help aid our patients reestablish a healthy connection with God as we clinically and spiritually rejuvenate their bodies and souls. Offering group and one on one counseling, worship services, relapse restraint sessions, life skills courses and a multitude of substance free treatment options. Through Christian healing our patients discover the real root of their addiction problem and are able to swap addiction for a revived, healthy Christian lifestyle. When you accept God back in to your heart your reliance on addiction is replaced with a reliance on the Lord.

Call us today at (814) 325-9424 in Erie, PA

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